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They say you can’t lose what you never had.  Makes sense, right?  How can you lose something that’s not yours?

But in this case, I assume that “what you never had” is something you wanted real badly.  Maybe it’s a person, a relationship, a promotion, or a business deal.  Whatever it is, you must’ve worked hard for it, done everything in your power to get it.  I bet not a single day passed by without you praying hard for it.  You’ve invested a great deal on it emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.  Most of your energy is probably focused on that one thing.  You have dreams about it.  People you meet, things you see, and random everyday events remind you of it.  You long for it so much that it hurts.

Imagine finding out one day, that you can’t have it.  You realize all of a sudden that it’s just not possible.  Maybe you’ve fallen short somewhere, made a bad decision.  Or maybe someone else beat you to it.  It dawns on you that — as cliche as it may sound — it’s just not meant to be.  How would you feel?  Would it be easy to let that dream go?

True, it was never actually yours.  But in the process of wanting it, of making your way towards it, somehow, some part of it was already yours.  You’ve held part of it so dearly in your heart, that it causes so much pain when it’s suddenly yanked away.

I say yes, you can lose what you never had.  And the pain may even be much greater than when you actually had it in the first place.


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Mic test…

Ok, how does this this work? I just blab about whatever comes to mind? Awesome!

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