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Slow Sonata

Give rest to the riddle, leave the puzzle undone

The end can be traced to a badly placed pun

Able hands may crack under the sun

Wounds inflicted in more ways than one

Thoughts, ideas, possibilities lurking

Silence is the key to emotions unfurling

Eyes and ears surrounding, waiting

Time will tell as fate keeps shifting

Whispered words, uttered like a walk in the park

Unheard, misread, lost in the dark

Heaven forbid, the arrow misses its mark

The melody rings true, the song of a lark

Grains of sand upon the open hand to brew

Mindless actions one may rue

Kind words spoken without a clue

A loving wish just may come true


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Narrow Highway

Fallen on soft uneven ground

The woods familiar and full of peril

Music is played without a sound

Words written on stone in pencil

Winds blow and blue birds sing

Cheerful melodies lost on deaf ears

Laughter and tears the seasons bring

The sun smiling on cries no one hears

Night falls as dreams awaken

A vast oasis, sweet and cruel

Leaves rustle and slumber is broken

Dawn barges in, embraces a fool

A little feather brushes the surface

Its quick caress light and tender

A mystical box opens, beautiful and merciless

The last one screams a resonating whisper

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